Hi, I’m Pavel Terenin. I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

I am a Senior Software Engineer. I’ve been writing code since my early days of middle school when I was using Q-Basic and Pascal to create my first games.

I really became interested in programming when I taught myself JavaScript, so that I could create my first web site. After that I dived deep into web technologies. I’ve got a diploma in Web Programming in 2012 in Montreal, Quebec.

My specialities include Web Application and Mobile development, building reusable and testable web components. Currently I am working as a Senior Software Engineer at Realtor.com, where I am focused on creating fast performing and reliable user experience for the high traffic website.




List of Projects:

2021 – present
Realtor.com – a real estate listings website. The number one real estate and second most visited listings website as of 2021.

2017 – 2021
Trust Arc – privacy compliance and data protection solution

2016 – 2017
DNN – a CMS (Content Management System) for marketing and website administrators. DNN is the foundation for 750,000+ websites worldwide.

Zekko Matcha – eCommerce application

2014 – 2015
Vidigami – a single page web application, SaaS. Vidigami provides photo hosting and photo management services for schools.

GotBars.com – online resource for Hip Hop and R&B lyrics.
HotNewHipHop.com – a website that provides the latest and hottest in hip hop singles, mix-tapes, videos and news.

Concordia University projects

  • IMAGE SPLITER – js plugin is created to divide an image into separate DOM elements in order to manipulate each of them independently.
  • Black Jack –  a game with web UI fully created with JavaScript.
  • Cinema, Velo – two single page web sites I created to master my CSS and JS

2008 – 2012
Budget and Finance Technologies – Saas solution to automate budgets